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Free printable active Easter basket scavenger hunt for Easter morning - A treasure hunt is a great way to find your Easter basket. This hunt for tweens and teens uses rhymes and riddles as clues. Awesome challenging fun in riddles. Great for families at home. Non-religious. More difficult clues than my other hunts using both indoor and outdoor spots.

Challenging Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt for Tweens & Teens (Not Religious)

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How to Create an Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt for Tweens & Teens

  1. Download and print out the clues.
  2. Cut the clues apart.
  3. Give clue 1 to your child.
  4. Clue 2 - In your home office or desk in something pink (or cross out pink and make it a different color)
  5. Clue 3 - Inside the bread
  6. Clue 4 - In something that comes in a pair - socks, shoes, gloves
  7. Clue 5 - "Where your mouth gets wet" - I was thinking in a glass or the milk, but you could also go with toothbrush on this one.
  8. Clue 6 - Fragile disks - in between two plates
  9. Clue 7 - Wherever Mom puts on her shoes
  10. Clue 8 - With the honey
  11. Clue 9 - In a sink or the shower
  12. Clue 10 - Where Dad puts the wood - Fire pit, wood pile, wood stove - If you don't have any of these, maybe a brush pile or just leave this one out
  13. Clue 11 - In the mailbox
  14. Clue 12 - In or on a window in the living room
  15. Put the Easter basket in the car

Because this requires only about 15 minutes of prep, you could print these out and have them ready to go even the night before Easter.

You sort of have to wait until the last minute anyway. You couldn't hardly put the clues out before the night before!

I'd love to hear if you used these clues and how your kids liked them!

Update: I have done these scavenger hunts for my kids for years now, and they love them and make new requests every year.

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