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403 Feel-Good Flashcards for Building Emotional Intelligence in Children

403 Feel-Good Flashcards for Building Emotional Intelligence in Children

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Unlike my other products, this e-workbook and the Feel-Good Flashcards for Adults are substantially the same.  (The 40 affirmations, for example, are 100% different with no overlap.) There are a few differences between the 51 activities in this workbook and tho 32 in the adult book, but the flashcards are exactly the same and there are not differences enough to warrant you spending your hard-earned cash on both. Just so you know.

With that out of the way, if you are a parent looking for ways to infuse more positivity into your children's mindsets, this is the workbook for you. In it are 403 flashcards, based on psychological and physiological research out of the University of Florida, that most people find to be pleasant and enjoyable.

You can use the flashcards in your own way or in one of the 51 suggested activities to bring a new level of positivity into your and your kids' daily thoughts and conversations. Their brains will be forever changed by paying attention to positive and pleasant thoughts, leaving the negative, pessimistic, and sarcastic ones behind.

This workbook was first featured in this blog post on developing a more positive outlook in life.


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