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How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree - Church or Organizational Use

How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree - Church or Organizational Use

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Used by thousands of churches and organizations worldwide!

If you're looking for the individual version that can be used by one family, head over here.

How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree was written by Tara Ziegmont, owner of Feels Like Home Blog, and is designed to make the celebration of Advent simple, memorable, and gospel-focused for the entire family. Daily readings corresponding with 28 symbols from the Old and New Testaments, short prayers, songs, and extension activities provide a flexible and engaging approach to celebrating Advent for children ages 3-16 and the adults who love them.

The Jesse Tree is a Christmas tradition that takes place during the Advent season. In the days leading up to Christmas, a tree, banner, or branch is decorated with ornaments depicting symbols from stories in the Bible that point ahead to the lineage and birth of Jesus Christ, the long-awaited Messiah. This book uses the Jesse tree format to celebrate God's enduring faithfulness to His people through the sending of His Son to earth that first Christmas night.

Simple and beautiful images accompany each day's reading, drawing in children and adults alike to the story of God's love as shown through the birth of Jesus. Appendices at the back of the book include all the images of each day's ornament/symbol that can be cut out or photocopied and made into ornaments.

Gather your family to recount what God has done, who He has been, and who He still is to His people. As one generation "commends your works to another" (Ps. 145:4 NIV), you will find your attention rightly focused on God's magnificent gift to His people at Christmas- Jesus Christ, God with us.


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